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Square Root Of Margaret – Teragram Photeur (2007)

May 6, 2009


Square Root Of Margaret
Release : Teragram Photeur
Date : 2007
Home: Chatham Ontario
Download the CD at ITUNES here.

1 A Reverse Echo 
2 Memories of Things to Come 
3 Mia 
4 Hollywood Will Find a Way
5 Revisit the Cosmos:
6 Things People Do 
7 Time Bomb 
8 On a Time Delay 
9 In My Hands 
10 Waiting for the Zombies 
11 The Wind Blows Soft and Slow 
12 Riverside Drift
13 The Happiness of Dreams 

    It was in the Fall of 2006 when those friendly ex-magician’s of Square Root of Margaret came off of a very successful western tour of Canada, in support of their previous album “Cloud Nine Revisited.” While on a brief break from the road, SRoM’s drummer managed to cut his thumb off! Although the doctor’s were able to successfully re-attach the digits, the inner thumb needed further healing. And so the intrepid stunt-drummer set off to the eastern coast of Canada, with recovery on his mind.

   He was gone for six months. Not content to sit around twiddling their own, the other fellows in Square Root of Margaret set about writing and recording what would prove to be their most ambitious pop album to date…Teragram Photeur! 13 new songs about time and space, perception, and perspective

  Here is the Video “Hollywood Will Find A Way” from this CD. Filming and Editing:
Rakehell Row Productions. Directed By:
Jason McFadden Ben Srokosz

If Video does not appear, watch it here.