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Nigel Barylewicz – A Selection Of Works (2001)

May 19, 2009
CD Cover
CD Cover

Artist: Nigel Barylewicz
Release: A Selection Of Works Composed By A Certain Individual
Date: 2001
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Nigel’s release comes from the post high school years after playing with Chatham Death metal band Stimotik. This release is the beginning to new experimental tastes, which he will carry on in the future with his next project ‘Assume No Order’.

All songs performed, produced & written by Nigel.



Stimotik (2000)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Stimotik
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
Music Style : Death / black metal
Date : Formed in 2000.
Musicians :
Nigel – Guitar(ex: Social Slander)
Jared – Bass (Gates of Rage, ex: Social Slander)
Joel – Drums (Gates of Rage)
Gary – Vocals (ex: Social Slander, ex: Pain Face)

The Scoop : This was a one off project as the band members quickly took on new projects.
    They have already entered the studio to produce their  first EP, which will be called ‘Dedicated To No One’. The tracks included in this EP will be Self Mutilation, Downward Spiral, Vengeance and Re-Occuring Dreams.