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Slip Stream – Time Is Ticking (2000)

May 5, 2009

: Slip Stream
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Time Is Ticking
Music Style : Rock
Date : 2000

Musicians :
Andrew Maynard – Bass
Mike Bond – Guitar
Andrew Foster – Drums
JP Violot – Vocals

The CD : Originally formed in 1997, Slip Stream have come along way with their song writing. Unfortunately, the band did not stay together beyond the high school years & disbanded to go separate ways to college shortly after this release.
  This was a good demo & gained allot of attention, mostly girls in need of a cute front man around these parts. lol
   This CD is a collection of their demos from 1997 to March 2000. A Straight ahead rock album.

Track Listing.
1. Written For You, 2. End Of The Line, 3. Liquid, 4. To die for, 5. Inner Strength
6. Time Is Ticking, 7. Waiting for Nothing, 8. Death Row Village, 9. Spark
10. Why?, 11. Profanity, 12. Sacrifice, 13. Clod-hopper

Click the video below for album preview.

If video does not appear, watch it here.