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Peace Leeches (2009)

May 7, 2009


Band: The Peace Leeches

Release: ROYGBIV
Year: 2009
Genre: Electronica/Alternative
Home: Blenheim, ON

Corey Schatz– Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine
Ray Stern– Lyrics, Keys, Vocals, Guitar

ROYGBIV is the debut full length from The Peace Leeches. The duo hails from Blenheim, ON….a small town in SouthWestern Ontario not generally known for raising rock stars. One listen to ROYGBIV, and you will not only begin to believe, but you might find yourself pulling off the highway and heading to the party that the Peace Leeches have begun, and will soon take to multi-national stardom.

01  earth
02  surfin the soil
03  donate
04  the party
05  opioid
06  dream machine
07  safe sex
08  wet son
09  paparazzi
10  happy people
11  send ya kisses
* Watch the peace leeches release preview below.


Album now available at itunes store here.