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Presto, The Rush Tribute Band (1994)

August 22, 2009
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Band: Presto
Circa: 1994
Style: Rush Tribute Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario

Members: (L-R)
Andy Vangaelen – Guitar
Ron McLaughlin – Bass, Keyboards, Vocal
Barry Coleman – Drums

Notes: The legendary Aberdeen hotel in Chatham is where this went down in true rock and roll fashion. I was in a band with drummer Barry’s brother in 1990, and I enjoyed going to hang out at his house. In the basement was where his drums were set up. Barry would come down and play the drums by himself for an hour as we watched him work his magic. Allot of talent in this band and it was always a good time to see them play live at the Ab.

If any info/spelling of names are incorrect, feel free to leave a reply below.