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Ruthless C_nt Killers – A Dirty Damn Good Time (2008)

May 23, 2009

Ruthless C_nt Killers
Release: A Dirty Damn Good Time
Year: 2008

Keegan Panger – Vox & Guitar
Bobbin’ Bob Hiltz – Bass & Vox
Tom Vandeven  – Lead Guitar
Jason Macfarlane – Drums
Adam Ledrew – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals (Original Member)
Poke C_nt – Vocals

   Formed around 2007. Ruthless C_nt Killers is a ridiculously sarcastic, yet completely serious Outlaw Honky Punk band. They played their final show  April 11th 2009 at the KBD Hall located at 34 Byng Ave in the good ol city of Chatham.

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CHRIS HART Sings for the MATADORS (1999)

May 19, 2009


Artist: The MATADORS
Release: Matadors (Demo)
Style: Rockabilly
Date: 1999

Chatham Connection: Singer Chris Hart is from Chatham.During his high school years he fronted the punk rock band L.O.T.D. (Lice Of  The Dead). After moving to London, he joined Jivaro Fracus, and later the Matadors. In 2000, Chris began a venture into solo records.

At the time, the band did a mix of covers and original music.

The Matadors are:
Joel Parkins – Guitar
Steve Crew – Drums Linda McCartney – Organ
Jefry Sheppard – Dog House Bass
Chris Hart – Vocals

Ride, Other Man, Hangin’ Round, London Dungeon

These songs were recorded at dB studios in London, Ontario in 1998-ish.
I was lucky enough to catch Chris perform in local punk & rockabilly bands before he moved on to London. Chris’s voice is amazing. He may not like that I think he has an early Danzig/Misfits sound, but he does, and he turned it into his own. Go listen.

Note from chrwradio : Chris Hart went on to record his own record entitled Lonesome Blood. Linda McCartney sadly died that year of cancer related illnesses. Jef and Joel, however, transformed the Matadors into what the original intention of the band was….a youth oriented Satanic outreach and musical revue. The new Matadors also put out a record, aptly named ‘Heartless’, in 2002.

  The new Matadors’ post-Chris sound had a less “erectile dysfuntion” feel to it and a more raw and evil tone.
Tracks: Ride, Other Man, Hangin’ Round, London Dungeon

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CHRIS HART – Lonesome Blood (2000)

May 19, 2009


Release: Lonesome Blood
Date: 2000
Home: From Chatham, moved to London

Chris Hart – acoustic guitar and vocals
Dan Brodbeck – electric guitar and backing vocals
Joel Parkins – electric guitar
Shaun Sanders – electric guitar and acoustic
Jerry Fletcher – pedal steel
Mike Bonnell – hammond b3, wurlitzer and piano
Casey Peavoy – harmonica
Jeff Fountain – bass
Ted Peacock – drums

Shoot Me To Sleep, Lonesome Blood, Dirt Beneath Your Feet, Drifting Away, Dead Savannah, The Simple Truth, The Perfect Ending, Wish I Could Turn Around, Eternally Blue

Digitally recorded At DB Studios in London, Ontario, Canada
Engineered and mixed By Dan Brodbeck at DB Studios

All songs written by Chris Hart, except Dead Savannah written by Theodore Hart. All songs registered Socan © 2001

Listen to The CD here:



Chris Hart Gets Ready For His U.S. tour. (2009)

May 7, 2009

Chris Hart
The Magic Hour
Resides: London
Year: 2009

I’m from London, Ontario, Canada and I have been writing and performing music for the past 20 years. I’ve dabbled in many styles of music including Punk, Rock-A-Billy, Blues, and Country. Lately I’ve fallin’ into the ambiguous roots or Americana category. Whatever the tag my love of music remains intact. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with various acts, most notably the infamous matadors. It wasn’t until 2001 that I decided to pursue a solo career. My first record “Lonesome Blood” was a dark and brooding country epic. One Critic referred to it as Goth-Country.
  In 2004, I released “Behind the Blue Wall.” This was more of a rock and roll record. Peppered with moments of country. A lot of the songs were very topical. The title track was a protest song about the death of a native protestor named Dudley George. This song raised a lot of eye browns, but managed to receive heavy airplay on CBC.
  The past two years have been very busy. I’ve been writing songs for an animated T.V. series and have finished my third record to be titled “The Magic Hour.” An extensive tour of the U.S. is currently being co-ordinated for 2009. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hearing new stories. Hope to see you out there.

Chris Hart live at the Blue Bar, Nashville Tennessee.

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External video live in Nashville here.