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Electric Voodoo Revised (1999)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Electric Voodoo
Home :Chatham
Style : Classic Rock
Date : 1999

Musicians :
Mitch Robinson – Vox, Guitars
Basiaco – Drums
Tod Taylor – Bass
Nick Novosad – Keys

The Scoop: This is Mitch’s latest line-up for the ‘Electric Voodoo’ name which he has been jamming under for many years. The Voodoo are one of the areas most popular party/cover bands.
  Mitch has been busy getting his solo CD ready on the sidelines & Nick was in the studio doing keys for the Julie Ross record ‘Middle Ground’.
   Mitch is verging on local legend status as a true road warrior. This time around, they drop the Jimmi Hendrix tribute act & open the doors to an ‘anything goes’ vibe. Look for Mitch’s solo album coming soon called “Brother With A Record”.