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Never – Anti-body (2000)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Never
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
 Release Title : Anti-body
Music Style : Punk/Hardcore
Date :  2000
Musicians :
Rob Johnston – Vocals Guitar
Scott Everingham – Drums
Geoff Houston
(Colin Everingham – Bass on this demo)

The Demo : Recorded & Produced by Steve Eyres in Chatham.
Another top notch recording from Never.

Track Listing.
1. Piss on It  2. Incredible Torture Show  3. Life Jacket  4. Anti – Depressant  5. Different  6. Mommy



Never – Self Titled Release (1997)

May 5, 2009


Artist : NEVER
Home : Chatham
Release Title : Never (cassette)
Music Style : Punk
Date : 1997 (I believe)

Rob Johnston – Vocals, Guitar
Scott Everingham – drums
Colin Everingham – bass

The Demo : Instant classic demo full of great songs, Probably the best Never CD ever. Leaving his ‘MAD’ days behind, Rob evokes on a journey into straight ahead punk that is precise, tight & loved.
  Again, 1997 was an amazing year & Never headlined several of these shows showing that the underground is the reason we all do this.
  “Shine Softly’ is a new version of the song originally released on the Mad’s 2nd record ‘Songs For The Ugly’.
Steve Eyres produced & engineered this recording.

Track Listing.
Feel, understand, What do I need, The Middle, Butterflies & Turtles, Again, My Everything, Shine Softly, The Middle


Never – More Of Nothing

May 5, 2009

Band: Never
Home: Chatham
Release: More of Nothing
Genre: Punk/Rock
Year: 1995

Rob Johnston – Vocals, Guitar
Colin Everingham – Bass
Scott Everingham – Drums

1. New Star Song
2. Blah
3. Bitter
4. Understand
5. Alone Together
6. Feel

Notes: Picture taken at the Aberdeen in Chatham.

Preview/ listen to album here.