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Michael Schatte – Hard Ticket (2006)

May 18, 2009

Artist: Michael Schatte
Release: Hard Ticket
Year: 2006
Home: Originally from Chatham

   Michael began his early career in music in a Chatham blues band called Midnight Mojo.
   Michael Schatte:  all vocals and instruments including electric, acoustic, and 12 string guitars; drums; electric bass; mandolin; violin; German button accordion; piano accordion; organ, piano, and electric piano synths; harmonica; and various percussive items
   All songs written by Michael Schatte except tracks 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12

   Recorded at Mithrandir Studios, Chatham, ON, Canada between the months of May and August, 2005
Mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham, ON

   Though Hard Ticket is unapologetically guitar-driven, it also showcases Michael’s considerable chops on both the mandolin and violin, both of which add wonderful colour to the album’s already diverse palette. There’s something on this record for everyone – searing blues, rootsy pop-rock, bluegrass, New Orleans flavoured “feel-good music”, country, folk and even instrumental celtic-rock – it’s both difficult to categorize and easy to enjoy!

1. Turn
2. Room For Me 
3. Hey Pocky Way
4. Crying Uncle  
5. The Hardest Part
6. Tear Stained Letter
7. If You Be My Baby 
8. Slow Burn 
9. All Work and No Play
10. Tipsy On the Cork
11. Under A Stormy Sky
12. Big Chimney
13. Aspasia  mp3 snippet
14. Five Alive

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Daisy Ella Mojo Crew 2 Song Demo (2003)

May 3, 2009


Artist : Daisy Ella Mojo Crew
Home : Chatham / Ottawa Area
 Release Title : 2 song demo
Music Style : Adult Contemporary Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Maurizo Salvatore Piamonte – Vocals, Guitars
Joanne Polack – Drums, Backing Vocals
PJ Larabie – Bass

The Scoop : The band consists of a member from Chatham, but they mainly reside in the Ottawa area. They were down for a short period & recorded these 2 tracks in town.
  The band is getting radio support with this new material & good things are happening.