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The Long Lots Debut CD 2009

November 2, 2009

Band: The Long Lots
Release: The Long Lots
Year: 2009
Style: Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent

Jay Amerlinck
: vocals,guitar.
Jeff O’Rourke: bass.
Jason O’Rourke: drums.
Gary Jongbloed: guitar.

01. Blood runs cold
02. Broken hearts,broken promise
03. Autumn night
04. Devils Hands
05. Restless
06. Stay
07. Skipping stones
08. Yellow lines
09. In mexico
10. Seed to freak
11. Waste of skin
12. Candle light

Notes: The Long Lots self titled debut captures all the raw energy of their live performance. Crowd favorites “In Mexico“, and “Candlelight” are an indication of the rock classics we can expect from this 5 piece for years to come.

If you were alive in the Ontario Indie Scene in the mid 90’s, chances are you came across several of the brainchilds of Jason Amerlink and Gary Jongbloed…..the guitar duo of The Long Lots. Jason fronted two very successful bands, “Velma“, and “The Huskies“, making his mark at indie shows across Southwestern Ontario. After the demise of The Huskies, Jason met up with old pal Gary Jongbloed to form Arecibo, a guitar driven group reminiscent of Tristan Psionic or Polvo. Arecibo were regular openers for the local scenesters but never fully made the scene themselves.

Now the two are bound by blood……brothers in law and are bound by a new band…..The Long Lots. And these guys aren’t fighting to make any scenes today…they are the centre of the indie rock scene in Chatham Kent. In the spirit of brotherhood, they are teamed with ther brotherly rhythm section of Jason O’Rourke (drums), and Jeff O’Rourke (Bass).

Armed with a Blazing live show, The Long Lots are headed to your town. Make sure the fridge is stocked.

Buy the CD here:
Visit the band online here or here.



The Long Lots Discovered (2008)

May 4, 2009
The Long Lots

The Long Lots

Jay Amerlinck – vocals,guitar.
Jeff O’Rourke – bass.
Jason O’Rourke – drums.
Gary Jongbloed – guitar

Go check em out. Gary happens to be my neighbour. I didn’t know this until after I learned of them. Very cool band.

Listen here, here,

If Vid does not appear, view it here.