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Ryan Bradley Music (2013-2017)

December 23, 2018

ryan bradley - 2018

Artist: Ryan Bradley
Year: 2017
Genre: Country music.
Home: Wheatley, currently residing in Chatham during this time.

* Bradley grew up in the fishing town of Wheatley, Ontario.
* Bradley attended the University of Waterloo and majored in Human Sciences, with most of his electives being music courses.
* Has been residing in Chatham-Kent County and working as a paramedic, Ryan has also spent the last number of years playing local clubs and writing songs.
*  Ryan has been releasing one or two songs a year since 2013. In the video below, we preview a sample of each one, from the lates to oldest.

* Ryan Bradley – 2017 – higher ground
* Ryan Bradley – 2016 – kissed me back
* Ryan Bradley – 2015 – wish you could’ve seen your face
* Ryan Bradley – 2014 – next weekend
* Ryan Bradley – 2013 – RR4 tonight
* Ryan Bradley – 2013 – let me change your mind
* Ryan Bradley – 2013 – 1999

* iTunes download link for all singles here.
* Youtube link here.
* Ryan Bradley interview/live performance here.
* Soundcloud link here.



May 17, 2009

Date: 2006
Home: Leamington

Jessica Desjardins – Vocals
Shane Ivy – Guitar
Will Davis – Bass
Mike Wiebenga – Drums

   From the southern most town in Canada, Leamington Ontario comes the female fronted quartet known as BLOODSHOTEYE. Using elements of all different sytles of extreme music BLOODSHOTEYE have perfected their own “deathmetalcore” style utalizing fast riffs with heavy breakdowns and some of the most intense female vocals you’ll hear in music today!

  BLOODSHOTEYE has played all over Canada with some of the countries finest local bands and opening for major acts as well. Noteable appearances would be the Obey the Flame fest in Montreal, opening the Headbangers Ball show in Toronto, and the direct support spot on CRYPTOPSYs 2004 tour presented by Bravewords&Bloodyknuckles. Plus countless shows throughout Ontario building a secure fan base over the last couple years.

1. Lock And Load 2. The Last Laugh 3. Mourning In Silence 4. Be My Victim 5. Foul Play 6. Bound To Break 7. Torn Between Two Worlds 8. These Bloody Cravings 9. Pains Of Misfortune