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In Dying Fasion (2006)

May 7, 2009
In Dying Fasion
In Dying Fasion

Artists: In Dying Fasion
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Style: Rock
Year: 2006

(Last posted line-up)
Shawn Hunter – Vocals
Cody McGowan – drums
Alex Lambier – Rythm Guitar
Jamie Miller – Bass Guitar
Kyle Lambier Lead Guitar

   In Dying Fasion was formed by the dissolving of two local bands from the Southwestern Ontario region; Against The Odds & AnyDayNow.
   Against The Odds & AnyDayNow were having auditions for new band members at the same time. It was by chance that Nick McGregor found out that Against The Odds was hosting their own auditions, and convinced Alex Lambier, one of the remaining members of Against The Odds to practice with AnyDayNow.
   In less than a year (3 months), this band has accomplished: having “GONE”, a song by IN DYING FASION, being put on a compilation CD by SEXYKILLER RECORDS. In the last phase of the band, they recorded a 7 Track EP “THE UNTIMELY DEATH”,
Disbanded in 2007.

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