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Ian And Sylvia – The Beginning of the End (1996)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: The Beginning of the End
Date: 1996
Bear Family Records (BCD 15940-AH)
Made in Germany
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   This is where is starts to get confusing! This is a re-issue of the album Ian and Sylvia issued on Columbia (30736) in 1971. The notes by Richard Flohil imply that this CD contains their final two albums, and it even mentions songs from the second (last) Columbia album, but actually only the first Columbia album is included.

  If that weren’t confusing enough, the title of the CD is taken from one of the songs on the second Columbia album!! All this suggests to me that they must have planned to release both albums on one CD, and that their plans changed, but somehow they never got around to changing the notes. On the plus side, this has four bonus tracks (12-15) that never appeared anywhere before (perhaps they decided to include the extra tracks rather than squeeze the two albums onto one CD?). Another problem is with this CD is that it gives no writing credits. I’ve supplied some of them below.

David Wilcox: guitar, mandolin
Joe Renzetti, Stu Scharf: guitar
Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Kirk Hamilton, Norbert Putman: bass
Ken Asher, David Briggs, Ernie Hayes: keyboards
Kenny Buttrey, Herb Lovelle: drums
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
John Hill: string arrangements
Produced by John Hill.

1 More Often Than Not (David Wiffen)   2 Creators of Rain   3 Summer Wages (Tyson)  4 Midnight   5 Barney (Tyson – words, Fricker – music)   6 Some Kind of Fool  7 Shark and the Cockroach   8 Last Lonely Eagle (John Dawson)    9 Lincoln Freed Me    10 Needle of Death (Bert Jansch)   11 Everybody Has to Say Goodbye    12 Give It to the World   13 Jordan Station   14 Long Beach  15 Love Is Strange

Notes From here.