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Geomance – 2018 – Born In Space

December 21, 2018


Project: Geomance
Release: Born in Space
Year: 2018 (Dec.)
Genre: Electronic/House
From: Chatham Ontario
Formed: 2015

Philip Smith

* In 2015, Geomance begins with releasing eight songs, divided into two Ep’s.
* Phillip’s (A.K.A. Frank E. Fitz) last original full release before this project, was with The Grave Misunderstanding in 2012. He is the lead singer & guitarist.
* Frank E. Fitz hosts open mic night at The Elephant’s Nest every Thursday night, and performs often in many different cover bands and assemblies in the area.

1. The Proverbist
2. Sync the Wave
3. Detachment from Reality
4. Thanks for Leaving
5. Miracle in the Vacuum
6. Chemical Straight Jacket
7. Thought Comet
8. Candle Lit
9. The Beautiful Kiss

Watch the Release Preview below

* Download @ CDBaby here.
* Facebook link here.
* Soundcloud link here.


Geomance 2015

September 3, 2015

Project: Geomance
Year: 2015
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada.

Bio: geomance is a project by frank e. fitz that will be a work of light and positivity, music featuring various working relations such as kyle piva.

EP 1
01. sync the wave
02 detachment from reality
03 the proverbs
04 sync the wave lite mix

EP 2
01. miracle in the vacuum
02. chemical straight jacket
03. thanks for leaving
04. chemical straight jacket decapella