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Lee Resistant – 2015 – Standing Down The Waves

November 14, 2015

Artist: Lee Resistant
Release: Standing Down The Waves
Date: Feb. 19th, 2015
Home: Chatham, Ontario
Genre: Acoustic Punk

01. I Belong To England
02. Just Live
03. Exes & Oh’s
04. Song For Rose

Notes:  Live, Lee is often joined by Keegan Slydes at the Elephant’s Nest in Chatham, performing punk rock covers.
Lee is also the bass player for local hardcore band ‘Hundred Proof’, & Guitar/vocals for ‘The Rucks’ when they were around.

* Band Camp:



Fletcher Munson – 3 song demo (2003)

May 4, 2009

Artist: Fletcher Munson
Home : Ridgetown  
Release : 3 song sampler          
Style : Contemp.Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Derek Johnston – Vocals            
Doug Eberle – Guitars
Jason Shine – Bass                         
Mark Slater – Drums 

Special guest Tom Lockwood on tracks 1 & 2.

2. Tolerance
3. Enlightened

The CD :
     Fletcher Munson had released a demo in 1999 which gained good support from our local radio stations.
     Two new guys have joined to bring back this band. Mark brings lots of live experience & is known for playing in the local cover band ‘This End Up’  which packs the Blind Dog (Chatham Night Club) every time they play.
  There is not a whole lot of material (3 songs) on this disc,   but this is a solid beginning to a ‘jam’ band, which this city could use now.
This is their third demo.

Click on video below to hear samples of the CD

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Fletcher Munson – Simple Tragedy (1999)

May 4, 2009


Band: Fletcher Munson
Home: Ridgetown Ontario
Release: Simple Tragedy
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Date: 1999

No full name list on the inlay.  Derek, Doug, Rod, Hairpie

The Scoop: There were only 2 bands trying to make it big on local mainstream radio at the time, Flicker (from Sarnia) & Fletcher Munson. The timing was good because Chatham just got hooked up with it’s first rock radio station.
“Hero” was put on regular rotation & a buzz began to happen for them. The demo is very professional looking. Produced by Doug Eberle.

Listen to ‘Hereo’ .

Listen here