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The Blurry Pickers 2016

January 12, 2018

Band: The Blurry Pickers
Release: Diary of a Grassman
Year: 2016
Home: Southern Ontario
Genre: Roots/Bluegrass

Chatham Connection: The Blurry Pickers include Chatham natives Blair Babcock, James Davies, Jeff English and Christy Muddle.

Band Members (Circa 2017)
Blair Babcock (bass/vocals)
James Davies (washboard)
Sara Edge (vocals)
Jeff English (guitar/vocals)
Todd Gillies (guitar/vocals)
D’Arcy Good (fiddle/vocals)
Christy Muddle (vocals)
Jeff Rothwell (mandolin/vocals)
(Members list collected from circa 2017. It may or may not reflect who was on these recordings, or in the band at the time of this recording)

1. I Won’t Again
2. Bentpath Trail
3. Flowers for You
4. You’ll Come Runnin’
5. Deeds I Done
6. In the Mourning
7. Mama’s Secret
8. The Death of Jebodiah Wilkes
9. Rise to the Glory
10. The Traveller
11. Don’t Bring Me My Flowers
12. Truth, Lies ‘n Whiskey

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