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Foreign Film Star – Dark Romantic Music (2003)

May 4, 2009

Artist : Foreign Film Star
Home : Chatham Ontario
 Release Title : Dark Romantic Music 
Date: 2003
Produced by Bob Hiltz & Jamie Reaume

The Scoop : Although some of the tracks contain a full band presence, The Recording  is mainly the work of Jamie. Jamie has a long history of recording & you can catch him often performing acoustic shows around Ontario, & often at the Elephants nest in town.
    This demo contains different views of familiar songs, including remixes, acoustic versions, & band versions.

Track Listing.
1. Cowboys  2. Past My Skin  3. Pushing The Ocean On Me  4. Moment Of Clarity  5. Eversense  6. Cascades 7. Far From Touch 8. Picture Show 9. Ecersense  10. Almost Touching 11. Blindfold 12. Cowboys 13. In The Circle 14. Crisis 15. Jungle Walk

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!