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True Blue Hoodoo

April 8, 2010

Band: True Blue Hoodoo
Genre: Blues
What: Blues Harp Extraordinaire
Home: Walpole Island / Chatham
Year: 2010

Darren Wrightman – vocals, blues harp
Bill Morrow– guitar
John Gardiner – bass guitar
Rick Chrysler – drums

Notes: True Blue Hoodoo is a mix of Native American Endurance, Irish Canadian ashes of old and the pathways of Southern culture. The bands music is steeped in blues tradition and standards. Heart pounding gritty harmonica and rock solid guitar, are what defines this bands sound. The rhythm section lays down the kind of grooves that crushes the stereo types that has plagued the blues for too long. If you love that old Chicago blues sound, we feel you’ll love True Blue Hoodoo.

Visit them online here.

* Here is an external video (You Tube) of the band performing. Link works as of April 2010.
Watch video here.


Dan Noordermeer 1996

February 3, 2010

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Band: The Dave Murphy Band
CD Release: Waiting For Dave
Year: 1996
Genre: Funk, rock & blues
Home: Toronto/Hamilton

Chatham Connection: Guitarist Dan Noordermeer is from Chatham. Dan played locally with ‘River Road’, was a long time member of the Jeff Healey Blues Band, and has done session work on several CD releases.

About Chatham’s own Dan Noordermeer:
  Guitarist extraordinaire Dan Noordermeer has been with the band for almost a decade, and continues to dazzle audiences with his formidable talents. Originally from Chatham, Dan now resides in Hamilton. Dan is known for his Samson-like mane of hair and his wicked sense of humour. Unlikely as it seems, Dan was a full time country musician for many years before joining the band. But for those familiar with his playing it’s no surprise, since he has an uncanny ability to play every style of music with incredible authenticity, passion and virtuosity.

CD & band notes:
  Over 200 shows a year quickly earned the band its reputation as one of the most talented, versatile and hardest working acts in the business.

  In the summer of 1996 the band released its first album entitled “Waiting for Dave.” The ten original tracks display the broad range of the group’s influences and talents. Later that same year, a dream came true for the band when they opened for their hero, James Brown. Since then the band has opened for numerous other acts, including The Bare Naked Ladies.

  In 1997, the band made the prestigious Orbit Room in downtown Toronto their new home for weekly performances, where the band continues to perform on Friday nights. It was here, on a stage complete with a house Hammond organ, that the band really began to stretch out musically, and since then there have been many incredible shows featuring the band at their spontaneous and improvisational best. In early 1998, exhausted by years of nonstop performing, the band took a four-month break while Dave travelled around the world.



Fat Doug and the Sinners (1997)

November 17, 2009

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Band: Fat Doug and the Sinners
Genre: Blues Band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1997
Circa: 1997-2000
Format: 75% Covers, 25% Original Music

Vocals: Lionel Shadd
Guitar: Doug Dewitte
Guitar: Andy Tattersall
Bass: Dwayne Stephens
Drums: Scott Meriano

Note: Chatham’s hardest working blues band. A brilliant line-up of young and enthusiastic musicians who had that real love for music, like only Detroit (or its neighbouring towns… umm like Chatham) could enjoy.
  The band played steady in and around Chatham in a scene that was thriving with many venues to play. In Chatham alone, the Parkview, Blind Dog, Beatniks, The Nest, The Royal, GT’s, Chappies, and Eightball, were all home to Fat Doug and the Sinners. The bar scene was great in 1997 and this band held its ground with their own little twist of blues and extra talent per band capita. This particular line-up of the ‘Sinners’ ran from 1997-1999.
Side Note:  I just got to mention that when I turned 19 and began playing the bar scene, I did not own a proper guitar that could stay in tune for three sets a night. Doug was more than kind to let me borrow his guitar for shows around Ontario until I was able to afford one. I didn’t even really know Doug yet at the time. I think that is a special note to make about our music scene. Everyone did all they could to help out other bands. There was no real sign of competition. Many cities are cut throat, and Chatham was not like that. It meant allot to me then and I still see that community vibe lasting into 2009 as I write this. I can also say from meeting all the guys in this band, anyone of them would have done the same.
 S. Beaulieu.

Above picture taken in 1997 at the Festival of Nations (Kiwanis BandShell).




That Whaling Band (2009)

May 3, 2009



Band: That Whaling Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Music: Originals and Covers
Year: 2009

  The band is:
Ray Whaling: Songwriter/Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.
Andy Martin: Bass Guitar/Sound, Lights & Effects/Backing Vocals.
Joel Laprise: Tub Smasher.
Daryl Denault: Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocals/Percussion  

Notes: So you want to rock & roll like the guitar legends did of the 70’s? The Whaling Band has been around for years & still owns when it comes to this style. Along with playing covers & acoustic gigs, they have been releasing original CD’s too.

    Introducing, rockin’ on two decades, title holders in both light weight and heavy weight divisions, 20 yrs and 0, all wins, coming by way of knock out, or should we say rock out, with their nature of” brute force and ignorance!!!”, Southern Ontario’s pride, That Whaling Band! We are “The Hardest Working Rock N’ Roll/Blues Band in SW Ontario”……no kidding!!!! Presenting to you a ride, up classic rock drive. With their deep rooted motown and rhythm & blues influence, three part harmony vocals, and if you were thinking metal or country, fogetta ’bout it; it’s just another card in the joker deck.

   They do it all. An unexpected “FLASHBACK” to their forever growing fan base; who remember when bands had to be excellent, and that want to get out and FEEL a good night of music from a tried,tested and true rock band. Are you experienced? Check out their new cd, JACK’S GALLERY(2008), and 2005’s GRATEFUL,recorded live, no fluff no jive. All original songs; Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Blues cast for the 21st Century. Currently playing on your favorite radio stations in Mid and Southwestern Ontario.

   Their Gig schedule is on the road; hitting it hard, dodging the bumps, and riding the humps, at bars, festivals, private parties, and concert settings. We’ve had the humble pleasure of performing in concert with the likes of Great White, Jeff Healy, Colin James, Powder Blues, Jason McCoy & the Road Hammers, Tiny Tim, Chuck Jackson (Downchild Blues Band), Five Man Electrical Band, The Paul James Band, Gordon Lightfoot, and Barbara Payton(Kid Rock/Bob Seger). We’ve also shared the stage at memorable performances with many Tribute acts such as Hells Bells, Black Diamond, Bat Out of Hell, Destroyer (KISS tribute) various Tragically Hip tributes, etc.

   Whaling is very passionate towards performing blues shows, with The Ray Whaling Blues band hosting Blues & Bones at Dove’s Bayside Bistro in Rondeau Bay Ont. two summers running. They also have a full throttle Neil Young/Crosby, Stills, & Nash tribute (“RUST”) in their joker deck. With That Whaling Band you never know what the night of music is going to be, for Jack has hundreds of songs in his court jester’s box to deal out……. When Jack comes out of his box, it’s always time to rock!!

2008 – That Whaling Band – JACK’S GALLERY
2005 – That Whaling Band – Grateful
1999 – Ray Whaling – Party Train
1994 – Whaling – 3 Pieces

Below: Ray Whaling – 3rd AnnualCK Guitar Summit, performing an origianl song.