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Bitter Blue 1977

February 19, 2010

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Band: Bitter Blue
Year: 1977
Home: Chatham/Toronto

Two of the founding members (Brothers John and Tom) are from Chatham, but moved to Toronto roughly four years ago to further their music careers.

Tom Hoy – Lead (Chatham)
Paul Fletcher – Vocals (Hamilton)
Brent Moss – Keyboards (Calgary)
Steven Combes – Drums (England)
John Hoy – Bass (Chatham)

The band is getting ready to release their first album and swing back into Chatham to play the Turf Room.

Update 2020:
Bitter Blue “Classic Rock” band was from Ontario, Canada and toured venues from 1973 to 1978. Known for Medleys: Jesus Christ Superstar, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, Elton John, Moody Blues, Tommy as well as artists such as Super Tramp, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) Kansas. The original band consisted of Lead Singer: Paul Fletcher, Lead Guitar: Tom Hoy, Piano/Synthesizer: Brent Moss, Drums: Julian Chojnacki, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Stephen Parsons, Bass: John Hoy.

Band Links:
* Complete info link here.

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