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A Second Less (2001)

May 5, 2009


A Second Less
Home : Chatham

   Originating from the band Gridlock in Chatham, Ontario. Original members Dave Richie and Peter Tiahur added Hush Money drummer Brandon Valdivia. After adding Underlust singer Chris Lauzon, the band changed it’s name to A Second Less, and finished its first CD under the new name.
   The band played some shows, mostly opening for the Janet Theory. Dave eventually joined JT, Brandon went on to join The Hollow.
Dave Richie- Guitar, Vocals
Peter Tiahur- Bass
Brandon Valdivia- Drums
Chris Lauzon- Lead Vocals

1) Just Another Freak Song
2) Crazy
3) Remember My Name
4) Roofies
5) Broken
6) C
7) Take Me Away (performed by Dave, featuring Mat Drew on backing vocals)

Listen here