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Lesser Known 1991

October 9, 2011

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Band: Lesser Known
Release: Demo
Year: 1991
Genre: Metal
Home: Tilbury/Windsor (Chatham-Kent)

Mike Davidson (Spaz) – Vocals
Cory Chauvin – Guitar
JP Caza – Guitar
Roger Beaudry – Bass
Paul Turgeon – Drums

01. Fate
02. Friendly Fire
03. World On My Shoulders
04. Petty Theives

Notes: Recorded during Easter weekend of 1991.
Lesser Known would go on to release several good quality demos through the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Their work ethic and attention to the full aspect of the complete package was like no other locally.

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Good Question 1991 acoustic folk

September 29, 2011

Good Question
Cassette release: Self Titled
Year: 1991
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Genre: Acoustic based folk-rock

Note: The project was a one off deal that performed all original music.

Brad Davis – bass
Fred Feyen – drums
Paul Vanderkooy – 12-string acoustic
Bill Van Dyk – guitars.

Track list:
01 Foolish Heart  (Bill Van Dyk)
02 To Susan (Paul Vanderkooy)
03 Landlord (Bill Van Dyk)
04 401 (Bill Van Dyk)
05 Demon Machine (Bill Van Dyk)
06 Hysterically Bored (Bill Van Dyk)
07 Africa (Bill Van Dyk)
08 Turn the TV Down (Bill Van Dyk)
09 Calm and Reason (Bill Van Dyk)
10 If I Confess (Bill Van Dyk)
11 Freeways of Your Mind (Bill Van Dyk)
12 Psalm 19 (Paul Vanderkooy)

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Skeleton Crew 1991

July 26, 2011

Band: Skeleton Crew
Year: 1991
Genre: Rock Cover Band
Home:  Chatham Ontario

Notes: Part of the Aberdeen scene in its good ‘ol days. They were some of the nicest guys on the scene also.

Dave Brooks – Vocals
Mick McDowell – Guitar
Tommy Myers – Drums
Murray Metcalfe – Bass

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3 East Band 1991

March 11, 2010

Band: 3 East
Release: Idiocracy Experiment
Year: 1991
Format: Cassette Tape
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Home: Sarnia

Chatham Connection: Singer Chris Young moved to Sarnia from Chatham after high school. He had played in a few underground bands here during high school. He ended up recording a few demo releases with 3 East. Chris’s brother Charles (Chuck Young) stayed in Chatham and became the drummer for Foster Child, The Janet Theory, FL3P, Dead Girls Union, and Face For Radio (as of 2010). Chris’s Dad (Randy “Mr. Chatham“) is a bass player and has played in many bands including Rebel & Texas.

Chris Young – guitar/vocals
Chris Hamlin – guitar
Brett Savory – drums
Matt Keefe – Bass

01 Possessed
02 Life Without Existence
03 Cup Of Madness
04 Mother
05 Of Course
06 Going Sane
07 Cry For Justice
08 Butterfly Of Death
09 Teds & Ednas

Notes: When having to come up with a genre, they consider themselves power metal. The good vibe about this band is the humour. They had allot of fun and were a great group of guys. Sometimes they would just write a goofy little song to a heavy riff and it worked. The sarcasim was working for them. 3 East worked hard to create events and shows within the underground scene and gained support from the punk movement as well. The guys were young when they wrote these demos.

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