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Singing Sisters 1971

October 12, 2010

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Duo: Singing Sisters
Circa: 1971
Genre: Gospel Music
Home: Chatham Ontario

Ann Mae (26)
Virginia (20)

Their first LP was released in 1967. They also recorded a 7” record.
1971 marks their second LP release.

Notes from 1971 article in The CDN:
They toured to Halifax this past summer (1971), as well as London, Kingsville, Dresden, Lucan, Toronto and a stop in Pennsylvania.

The Singing Sisters have played many performances including over 22 states and seven provinces.

Circa 2010 – Visit Anna Mae McPhail on You Tube here.

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May 2, 2010

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Band: Refugee
Year: Circa 1970-71
Home: Chatham

Top Row
Charlie Dawson
Randy Coyle
– Drums
Bottom Row
Raymond Violot – Vocals, flute
Don Martin – Bass

  The guys were too young to play the club scene since they were school aged themselves. They did play allot of High School dances, and this was common in Chatham in the late 1960’s

  Raymond Violot went to University but remained active in the music community as a music teacher, a member of the Musicians Union Board, the Chatham Concert Band, and several local talented bands. Raymond sings and plays several instruments, a few of which are the flute, Stand up Bass, harmonica, banjo and piano.

Randy would go on to play in several bands including the popular local group “Friends”.

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