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Hundred Proof – 2009

May 20, 2009

Artist: Hundred Proof
Year: 2009
Style: Hardcore
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Band is:
Nick Sennema – Drums
Troy Fraser – Bass
Danny Wright –  Guitar
Adam LeDrew – Vox

This is only the third pure hard core band to come from Chatham Ontario ( C.O.I. ’91, 4 Hard Core ’92). The first two were high school aged bands, so this band steps it up in musicianship. Not much to say but perfection here. Hard Core is truly about attitude, and that is all that matters here. They play it as well as the best of them and there is no signs of amateur stuff here.  All we can ask for is the spirit and a solid tight band. It’s all here, Period.
Listen Here:



Stephanie Rhodes, Pop Singer Songwriter (2009)

May 19, 2009

Stephanie Rhodes
Formerly Chatham, now Salt Spring Island, B.C.
Pop Singer Songwriter, Folk

   In the seven years she has been performing, Stephanie Rhodes has been captivating audiences with a combination of flawless vocals and lyrical road trips that enrapture even the hardest to reach audiences.
   Her solo acoustic shows are a regular feature at numerous venues on her home island of Salt Spring in British Columbia, In addition Stephanie founded, and performed with the Salt Spring Island Girls Tour in 2005 that took 7 singer/songwriters on a 12 date summer tour including a show at the Railway Club in Vancouver, British Columbia.
   Her music has also been heard on CBC Vancouver. Already a local favourite, Rhodes has shared the stage with an array of industry legends including Randy Bachman, Tal Bachman and Valdy. When she’s not writing and singing her own songs she also sings lead in a successful cover pop band with Grapes of Wrath’s Tom Hooper and 5440’s Matt Johnson. Currently she is sharpening her skills playing her originals with a band in preparation for touring. Her goals and focus now revolve around producing her first full length album.

Listen: or

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Chris Hart Gets Ready For His U.S. tour. (2009)

May 7, 2009

Artist: Chris Hart

Release: The Magic Hour
Year: 2009
Genre: Country/Rock
Raised: Merlin (Chatham-Kent)
Home: London

Chris Hart – Vocals
Others: n/a

1. Mystery
2. Best of Me
3. Bad Girls
4. Try Again
5. Down in Flames
6. Hey Hey Hey
7. Black Anger
8. Midnight Man
9. New Year’s Eve

* He has been writing and performing music for the past 20 years.
* Dabbled in many styles of music including Punk, Rock-A-Billy, Blues, and Country. Lately falling into the ambiguous roots or Americana category.
* Chris has collaborated with various acts, most notably the infamous matadors. It wasn’t until 2001 that he decided to pursue a solo career. His first record “Lonesome Blood” was a dark and brooding country epic. One Critic referred to it as Goth-Country.

* Watch/listen to the CD preview below.



* Watch live video of Chris performing in Nashville below.





The Grave Misunderstanding in 2009

May 7, 2009

The Grave Misunderstanding

Home: Chatham Kent
Year Formed: Feb. 2006

 Frank E. Fitz  – writer/vocals/guitars
Jakk L. Bonez – drums/bgv’s –
We’ve had a few bass players.

   Currently working to finish their debut album called divinorium for a late 2009 or 2010 release.

  The Scoop: Franklin and Jakkie played in The God Life, also with Brad Benn and Derek Osborne. The God Life was between 2001 and 2003. I remember hearing them then & thinking they had an edge in their music ability.
  Today, they are still building & are becoming one of the best bands from Chatham Kent at the moment.
   The funny & friendly Frank makes all live shows what they should be.
     I asked the band if they had anything to say that I could post and they left me with a good little thought…….
    The Grave Misunderstanding represents the only problem in the world. Miscommunication. We are all one, trying to do the same thing, but we feel separate from others and even ourselves.
   We’re suffering because of our nonexistent differences. Temporally confused and lost, like a teenager coming of age, slowly we’re waking and realizing we are doing it together. Belief that we’re separate from anything or anyone is the grave misunderstanding.
   This band is to promote awareness of life, consciousness, love and connection. We are all one. We are coming together.

Listen here :  or

Andy Martin playing bass in this live video.
If video does not appear, watch it here.



Peace Leeches (2009)

May 7, 2009


Band: The Peace Leeches

Release: ROYGBIV
Year: 2009
Genre: Electronica/Alternative
Home: Blenheim, ON

Corey Schatz– Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine
Ray Stern– Lyrics, Keys, Vocals, Guitar

ROYGBIV is the debut full length from The Peace Leeches. The duo hails from Blenheim, ON….a small town in SouthWestern Ontario not generally known for raising rock stars. One listen to ROYGBIV, and you will not only begin to believe, but you might find yourself pulling off the highway and heading to the party that the Peace Leeches have begun, and will soon take to multi-national stardom.

01  earth
02  surfin the soil
03  donate
04  the party
05  opioid
06  dream machine
07  safe sex
08  wet son
09  paparazzi
10  happy people
11  send ya kisses
* Watch the peace leeches release preview below.


Album now available at itunes store here.


Prophet Limbo (2009)

May 5, 2009



Prophet Limbo
: Chatham

Rob Johnston – All songs written and performed by Rob
Thanks to: Bob Hiltz & Eric Welton

Note: Rob comes back to the world after a short silence. Robs history includes being the front man for such bands as M.A.D., The Mad & Never.

Listen here or here.



Michael Schatte Educational Concert Series (2009)

May 3, 2009

Band: Michael Schatte
CD Release: Crow Filled Sky
Year: 2009
Genre: Blues/Folk/Celtic/Rock
From: Chatham-Kent
Resides: Toronto

1  Where Did It Go Wrong
2  That’s Romance
3  One More Time
4  Rosaleen
5  Crow Filled Sky
6  Low Low Low
7  Constantinople
8  To You
9  Say No
10 This Time Last Year
11  Okay Blues
12  Pixilated Sweetheart
13  Whisky and Wodehouse
14  As If He Knew
15  Hail the Jolly Luckless

All songs written by Michael Schatte (SOCAN)
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Michael Schatte at Mithrandir Studios, Chatham, ON, Canada

* Watch/listen to the Album preview below.


Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter Michael Schatte will be performing regularly at schools across South Western Ontario during the 2008/2009 school year.

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles (blues, celtic, rock, medieval, folk etc.) demonstrated on several different instruments, and interspersed with informative commentary regarding the instruments, their history, and the way in which Michael uses them.

Being a professional musician as well as having recently completed his Masters degree in history, Michael is in a unique position to share his enthusiasm and first-rate skill in a manner both educational and highly entertaining.



Effortless Records: Basement Champions Vol. 1 (2009)

May 3, 2009


Download Entire Album (Zip File)

Track Listing:
1. Dog – Eric Welton
2. Dr.Firm – Square Root of Margaret
3. Canada – The Hip Bones
4. Last Day of Summer – Demo Kid
5. Slips Away – Kyle Workman
6. Stakes & Hammers – Hey! Death?
7. Not Yet Found – The BluIgloos
8. Poetically Impotent – Underwater Solitaire
9. Rain On My Parade – The Secret Flyers
10. Shot of Whiskey – Rudy
11. Like Eric Said (Vacate this Place) – Captain Zapoleon
12. Astral Grenades – Observatory
13. Cats & Dogs – Truth & Justice
14. I give it all – Demo Kid

Thanks to Matt W. @ Effortless Records



St Patrick’s Day Fun With Todd Lang

May 3, 2009

    A video blog from a fellow Chathamite. March 17th 2009.
He has been making vids from around town for awhile now & this is one that was all improv so I liked it.




That Whaling Band (2009)

May 3, 2009



Band: That Whaling Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Music: Originals and Covers
Year: 2009

  The band is:
Ray Whaling: Songwriter/Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.
Andy Martin: Bass Guitar/Sound, Lights & Effects/Backing Vocals.
Joel Laprise: Tub Smasher.
Daryl Denault: Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocals/Percussion  

Notes: So you want to rock & roll like the guitar legends did of the 70’s? The Whaling Band has been around for years & still owns when it comes to this style. Along with playing covers & acoustic gigs, they have been releasing original CD’s too.

    Introducing, rockin’ on two decades, title holders in both light weight and heavy weight divisions, 20 yrs and 0, all wins, coming by way of knock out, or should we say rock out, with their nature of” brute force and ignorance!!!”, Southern Ontario’s pride, That Whaling Band! We are “The Hardest Working Rock N’ Roll/Blues Band in SW Ontario”……no kidding!!!! Presenting to you a ride, up classic rock drive. With their deep rooted motown and rhythm & blues influence, three part harmony vocals, and if you were thinking metal or country, fogetta ’bout it; it’s just another card in the joker deck.

   They do it all. An unexpected “FLASHBACK” to their forever growing fan base; who remember when bands had to be excellent, and that want to get out and FEEL a good night of music from a tried,tested and true rock band. Are you experienced? Check out their new cd, JACK’S GALLERY(2008), and 2005’s GRATEFUL,recorded live, no fluff no jive. All original songs; Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Blues cast for the 21st Century. Currently playing on your favorite radio stations in Mid and Southwestern Ontario.

   Their Gig schedule is on the road; hitting it hard, dodging the bumps, and riding the humps, at bars, festivals, private parties, and concert settings. We’ve had the humble pleasure of performing in concert with the likes of Great White, Jeff Healy, Colin James, Powder Blues, Jason McCoy & the Road Hammers, Tiny Tim, Chuck Jackson (Downchild Blues Band), Five Man Electrical Band, The Paul James Band, Gordon Lightfoot, and Barbara Payton(Kid Rock/Bob Seger). We’ve also shared the stage at memorable performances with many Tribute acts such as Hells Bells, Black Diamond, Bat Out of Hell, Destroyer (KISS tribute) various Tragically Hip tributes, etc.

   Whaling is very passionate towards performing blues shows, with The Ray Whaling Blues band hosting Blues & Bones at Dove’s Bayside Bistro in Rondeau Bay Ont. two summers running. They also have a full throttle Neil Young/Crosby, Stills, & Nash tribute (“RUST”) in their joker deck. With That Whaling Band you never know what the night of music is going to be, for Jack has hundreds of songs in his court jester’s box to deal out……. When Jack comes out of his box, it’s always time to rock!!

2008 – That Whaling Band – JACK’S GALLERY
2005 – That Whaling Band – Grateful
1999 – Ray Whaling – Party Train
1994 – Whaling – 3 Pieces

Below: Ray Whaling – 3rd AnnualCK Guitar Summit, performing an origianl song.



It’s A Small World After All (2009)

May 2, 2009
Sarah Hiltz

Sarah Hiltz

Sarah Hiltz:
listen @ Myspace:
  Sarah was kind enough to come over & record backing vocals on “Will You Forgive Me In The end”, a new song I wrote with Jesse V. We did this in April. She did backing vocals on ‘Just’ by FL3P (First line Third Planet) that stood out and made me take notice.
   FL3P was a short lived band, (around 2004)  but a great band. The drummer (Chuck Young) has been a good friend & long time band mate beginning with me in ‘Foster Child’ in 1991 to The Janet Theory & Dead Girls Union.
   The track Sarah Hiltz sings on with FL3P is called ‘Just’ and can be heard here.
FL3P Music :

FL3P Band

FL3P Band



Julie Ross
  You know her from the Nest every Tuesday. Everyone loves her. She sang at my wedding. That made my wife extremely happy.
Her Music:

Julie Ross performing at our wedding.

Julie Ross performing at our wedding.



Ruthless C*nt Killers 
  Yep, they called it a day. I went to show Bob & Keegan some love by attending their last show as the R.C.K. at the KBD Hall in Chatham a month ago.

  It was good to catch more good local underground bands on the bill, like Davis Block & 100 Proof.

RCK & davis Block


Po And Square Root Of Margaret (2009)

April 30, 2009

Back in Grade 8, We did the school talent show (St.Ursula) performing the song ‘Strutter’ by Kiss. It included Bryan (Po, singer & guitarist for Square Root Of Margaret) on drums, Jason P on vocals & myself (Shawn Beaulieu) on Guitar. That was friggin 20 years ago!

A few years later, Po would form S.R.O.M. & I would form Foster Child. Here is a flash back to one of the longest running (original music) bands in Chatham History, & the coolest band outside the box.