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Julie Ross – A Day In The Life (2004)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Julie Ross
CD Release : A Day In The Life
Style : Acoustic/ Soft Rock
Date : 2004
Home: Chatham Ontario
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 A Day In The Life, 02. Right This Wrong, 03. Over You, 04. If You Want It, 05. Reelin’, 06. Damn You, 07. To Be You, 08. Hold On To, 09. My Room, 10. Water, 11. One More Day

All songs written by Julie Ross, except “A Day In The Life”, written with John Francis Dupuis.

Musicians :
Julie Ross – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Djembe
Guitar – Dan Martin, Mario Panayiotis, Daryl Denault, Steve Eyres, Andy Tattersal, Jamie Michaud
Bass – Dave Davidson, Dwane Stevens, Bob Hiltz
Drums – Spence Eyres, Mark Slater
Background Vocals : Bob Hiltz, Carolyn Martin, Linz
Keyboard : Bob Hiltz, Tom Starks
   Produced by Julie Ross & Bob Hiltz. Executive Producer – Steve Eyres. Recorded @ Eyres Space Studio, Chatham Ontario Canada – Frank’s Music Centre.

The CD :
   This is the follow up disc to 1999’s ‘Middle Ground’. Julie continues to hold her own as one of Chatham’s most accessible  & visible performers. Once again Julie brings  many of her local musician friends to  perform on her disc.

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Eye In Me – Play Ball (2004)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Eye In Me
Home: Wallaceburg
Release: Play Ball
Year: 2003
Genre: Punk
Formed: Nov. 2002

Pat Richardson – Bass/Vocals
Matt Glover – Guitar/Vocals
Kurt Dickson – Drums

Track List:
1. Decimation
2. Shut It Out
3. Drilled
4. Apposition Seperation
5. Genocide Prevails

* September 9th, 2003 marked the release of our debut demo c.d. Play Ball which was recorded in our basement with a couple adats and very little experience, but thanks to Andrew McCready, we pulled it off.

Listem to them here or here.



Dropping Poppies (2004)

May 4, 2009
Dwane Stephens

Dwane Stephens


Artist : Dropping Poppies
Home : Windsor
Chatham Connection: Dwane Stephens is from Chatham
Music Style : Heavy hitting with jazz arrangements
Date : Formed in 1997

Musicians :
Mike Edmunds – Vocals,  
Nermin Selmanovic – Guitar
Joel Carrier – Drums,
Dwane Stephens – Bass
Matt Kowalyk – Guitar

The Scoop On Dwane.
    The most spoken about bassist in Chatham has been playing for over 17 years & with countless different bands.  He has played for several genres including southern rock, pop, rock, jazz, fusion, & many tribute bands including Neil Young, Jimmi Hendrix & Pink Floyd.
    He has also appeared on 2 Adam Minor demos (Sarnia) & produced & released his own work under the name Carpedium.

    The band has been playing Toronto allot & working the scene locally, we should hear more about them soon enough.

Dropping Poppies

Dropping Poppies



Janet Theory Say Good Night (2004)

May 3, 2009

Mat Drew
– Vox, 
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar, Vox, Loops & Programming
Jesse Verleye – Bass, Vox
Dave Richie – Guitars, 
Dave Major – Drums, Vox

The guys take a break from full on music and decide to wrap it up to spend time with families for a while. After years of playing non-stop in bands, they take a rest. The Janet Theory had fun and thank everyone for their support. Band members will be back on the scene soon slowly one by one.

   The band was featured on 2 different compilation Cds put out this year also.

From The Underground – features ‘It’s Alright’. (New York Label)
Winter Rose – features ‘ You Suck’. (Chatham Kent/ Essex Release)

Both tracks are from the 2003 CD Sacriluscious.

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