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MICHELLE WRIGHT – Shut Up And Kiss Me (2002)

June 17, 2009


Release: Shut Up And Kiss Me
Release Date: 2002
Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Listen to all the songs from this CD in their entirety here.

Video below:
MICHELLE WRIGHT – 2002 – Shut Up And Kiss Me CD Preview.

or watch the video here if it does not load.

1. I Surrender
2. Shut Up And Kiss Me Or Just Shut Up
3. Still No Shangri-La
4. Broken
5. Every Time You Come Around
6. Find It In New York
7. Thank You For Your Love
8. Love Is The Only Way
9. Could You Be
10. Sorry
11. I Will Be There
12. Circle Of Life



The Lowdown – The Being Scene (2002)

May 17, 2009

Artist: The Lowdown
Home: Chatham
 Release Title: The Being Scene (CD Demo)
Music Style: Rock
Date: 2002

John Carberry – Vocals, Guitar
Scott Duffy – Guitars, Vocal
Scott Everingham – Drums
Michael Simoes – Bass

Recording credits
Franks Music Centre – Chatham, Eyres Space Studio

Track Listing.
1. Let’s Get Together 2. Thursday 3. The Being Scene 4. The Clinic 5. I Get Back Down 6. Fusion 7. Bringing in the Dawn 8. Hello 9. Made in the Shade 10. Tamin’ Time 11. The Crew



Assume No Order – Nigel (2002)

May 17, 2009


Artist: Nigel Barylewicz
Title: Nigel
Released : 2002
Home: Chatham native now living in Toronto

Assume No Order is a solo experimental/instrumental project by Nigel Barylewicz.

Download zip of all tracks here

Listen here:



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Trip Shot – Skankin’ With Chuck (2002)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Trip Shot
Home : Wallaceburg
 Release Title : Skankin’ With Chuck  (CD Demo)
Music Style : Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Mike Richardson – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Shane Sands – Bass, Vocals
Andrew McCready – Guitar, Vocals, Trombone
AJ McGuire – Drums, Vocals

The Scoop :
First off, this is a great name for a CD & gives you an idea of the tone here. This is a good punk CD full of pure energy. The band has been playing together for a little while & have ventured to Chatham, sharing shows with The Janet Theory & R.W.A.V.

Recording credits
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Steve Eyres @ Eyres Space Studio Chatham. (Franks Music Centre)

Track Listing.
1. Leaving the kids alone, ding ding, at-101, equal time charlie rule, putsy, hokus punkas*,kimmy blow, watching the ink dry, dial 911 for pizza, cns, pre-teen parents, fall to the floor, techno girl, farewell.



Sedated – Self Titled Image (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Sedated
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Self Titled Image
Music Style : Rock
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Martin Banaszak – Vocals, Guitar
Jarry Mark Mazur – Guitar
Marlow Smith – Bass
Stephen Benn – Drums

The Scoop : Fresh in High school, Sedated emerges as one of the few local bands working hard at writing a song for the songs
sake. This is a good direction for this young new band

Track Listing.
1. Intro 2. Self Titled Image 3. Never Around 4. June 5. In Your Eyes 6. Bifocal maniac



R.O.T.E. (2002)

May 5, 2009

: Chatham
Style: Metal
Year: 2002

Andrew – Vox, Roger – Guitar, Spenser – Bass, Ryan – Drums

In 2003, they released a 3 song demo entitled ‘Fashion Of Hate’. The line up included Andrew Gallagher (vocals), Roger Kinney (Guitars), Cory Knight (Bass),  & Ryan Caron on drums.

listen here or here



Room Without A View – Morning Wood (2002)

May 5, 2009



Artist :Room Without A View
Home : Tilbury Ontario 
Release Title : Morning Wood
Music Style : Pop-Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Farley – Guitar , Shawn – Guitar, Vocals , Rick – Vocals, Bass , Steve – Drums

The Scoop : The bands follow up EP to ‘The Gold Fish Bowl’. Following in the foot steps of popular music like Blink 182,  R.W.A.V. capitalize on the sound that spawned a zillion bands over night.
  The boys bring it home with this EP & never look back. The band worked hard plugging themselves across the internet to help spread the word.
   They scored $5000 worth of free gear and a date on the Vans Warped Tour from an Ernie Ball contest.
The band is working hard putting together the follow up recording & we should be hearing from them as soon as 2004.

Recording creditsN/A, Although I do believe Eyres Space Studio in Chatham
may have done this recording

Track Listing
1. Brand New Day 2. Garbage Bag 3. Polaroid 4. Another Song 5. LA’s Calling