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Home Grown (1983)

November 13, 2009

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Band: Home Grown
Year: 1983
Home: Chatham Ontario
Formed: Late 70’s, ran for 4-5 years.

(Top Row)
Clint Benoot – Pedal Steel, Guitar
Mark Buckwheat – Guitar, Vocals
Phil Hernandez – Bass, Vocals
(Bottom Row)
Gary Saunders – Guitar, Vocal
Tony Meriano – Drums

Notes: The band teamed up with Bothwell song writer Bonnie Kirschner Hind to record her song as a Terry Fox Tribute. 
   The song was released to radio stations across the country. 1000 rpm records were made.
               Outside of the band, Clint and Tony were also the faces every musician in town knew. They were both partners at Musical Strings ‘N’ Things, who opened their doors for business in 1972.



Wendy Jenkins Debut Album (1983)

November 11, 2009
Artist: Wendy Jenkins
Release: Self Titled
Format: Vinyl LP
Genre: Country and Western
Year: 1983

Notes: The CD contains a mix of original music and covers.

  At age 21, Wendy is lucky to live two good lives as one.  By day, she works as a quality control technician after graduating with honors from Ridgetown College. By night, she is a country singer with her single “Look out Love” that is in the top 50 of the country and western Charts.
  Wendy has also been performing in ‘The Melody Ramblers’ for the past two years. They are a popular local country band that originally formed in 1953.
  The new album was recorded in Nashville and Toronto.

01. He’s Cheatin’ On Me
02. One Big Happy Family
03. Walk Softly When You Go
04. (Just) Two Lonely People
05. Look Out Love
06. Turn The Light On
07. Rivers Of My Mind
08. I Did My Best (not to love him)
09. Blame It On The Rain
10. It’s Not Me

Photos: M. Martin

Music Samples in the video below

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The Motives (1983)

October 28, 2009

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 The Motives
Year: 1983 (article)
Style: New Wave
Home: Chatham Ontario

Marty Wright – Guitar
Tim Gilbert – Bass
Marty Spacil – Drums

The band plays covers and original music and is currently the only New Wave band in Chatham. All members are in their early twenties.
Wright moved here from Toronto about five years ago and played in local rock bands before forming this outfit.
The band plays about 45% original music while the rest is covers of new wave British bands. They do play a few beach style songs and some classics.

It is brought to my attention the band was circa 19080-81, but the newspaper clipping was in 1983, unless I documented it wrong.

(Photo from CDN)



Southern Comfort

October 5, 2009
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort

Band: Southern Comfort
Year: 1983
Home: Chatham, Wallaceburg and Windsor
Style: Top 40 and country rock

(Back Row L-R)
Chuck Fitzgerald – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Holland – Guitar, Vocals
Dan O’Neil – Drums

Front Row
Diane Sasso

Note: The band was together from ’82 to ’85. Dan and Chuck are from Chatham.


Melody Ramblers (1983)

August 23, 2009
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Band: Melody Ramblers
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Area.
Year: 1983
Style: Top 40 country

Members (L-R)
Larry St. Pierre – Drums
Rene Brousseau – Pedal Steel
Weny Jenkins – Vocal
Brad Preston – Guitar, Vocals
Richard St.Denis – Bass
Dan St.Pierre – Guitar

Notes: Richard St. Denis joins the band on bass and Rene switches from bass to  pedal steel.
Click the picture below to see the bands set list from 1983.

Set List

Set List