Jay Allan 2020 Music

May 6, 2021

Artist: Jay Allan
Year: 2020
Genre: Country
Home: Bothwell

Notes: Born in Strathroy and raised in Glencoe.
A well seasoned performer, Jay Allan has been writing & entertaining audiences for over 15 years. His debut album ‘Please Don’t Change’ was released in 1998 by North Street Records. His follow up release ‘The Wrong Direction’ took him yo Nashville and was produced by Doc Walker’s Murray Pulver. Despite the album title, Jay was planted firmly in the right direction, with two successful radio singles “Rumourville” and “She’s A Tease”. The latter, became his first Top 40 single.

Today, Jay is a dedicated and driven songwriter with an original sound, an accomplice to many local aspiring songwriters and musicians and a dedicated member of the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA), SOCAN and the Songwriter’s Association of Canada (S.A.C.)

Some 2020 music credits

  • Jason Mercer – “Nobody But You”. Written by Jay Allan, Shawn Meriano (Chatham) and Jason Mercer from London Ontario.
  • Jay co-wrote ‘Never Alone’, ‘Mourning After’ & ‘The End’ with Sarah Smith.
  • Jay co-wrote ‘Wondering’ with Justine Chantale.

Link to Videos below:

* Jason Mercer – “Nobody But You”. Link here.
* Sarah Smith – Never Alone. Link here.
* Sarah Smith – Mourning After. Link here.
* Sarah Smith – The End. Link here.
* Justine Chantale – Wondering. Link here.

Official Jay Allan Links
* Website link here.
* Youtube link here.
* Facebook link here.
* Instagram link here.

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