Mark Lenover -2018 – Music

December 19, 2018
Artist: Mark Lenover
Release: All Dressed in Rags
Year: 2018
Genre: Alternative/dark,pop
Resides: Chatham Ontario.

1. All Dressed In Rags
2. Frozen In Place
3. The Vital Question
4. An Old Man and His Dog
5. Head Over Heels
6. The First
7. Falling Down
8. Help Yourself
9. An Old Man and His Dog (Reprise)

Mark Lenover (b. Sept. 21, 1984) is a Canadian singer/songwriter/visual artist who produces and releases his music independently. Through a distinctive fusion of folk, rock, theatre and electronica, Lenover critically examines pop culture’s ubiquitous influence, its moral philosophy and the potentially devastating effects of drug abuse and mental illness. Lenover’s music has been featured in numerous theatrical productions and movies, most recently in “The Banshee Chapter“, a horror film which was released in 2013. Mark attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he earned an honours BA in English and Literature. Mark currently lives in Chatham, ON.

* Website here.
* facebook here.
* Bandcamp: download album here.
* Instagram here.
* Youtube link here.
* Twitter here.

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