Walkin47 2013

May 30, 2013

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Band: Walkin ’47
Release: Deep Roots
Released: May 2013
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario.
Genre: Rock
Year formed: 2007

Notes: Formed out of a love for Canadian rock music, Walkin’ 47 are 5 friends from Southwestern Ontario who came together with similar musical interests including The Tragically Hip, Sloan, Sam Roberts, Blue Rodeo, and CCR.  Although originally formed as a cover band, their shared passion of music has eventually led to the creation of original music and work on their first album, “Deep Roots”.

Scott Aarssen –  Guitar
Steve Bellan – Drums
Brian Cox – Guitar
Jason Denys – Bass
Drew Varsava – Vocals

1. You’re on
2. Strip me down
3. Burn
4. Algonquin
5. Roadtrippin
6. Fight it out

* Watch the CD Preview below.

email: email at walkin47@me.com

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