Chatham Police Boys 1958

April 4, 2012

Group: Chatham Police Boy’s Band
Year: 1958 (photo)
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada
Formed: 1945 by Chief Constable C. E. Bagnall
Original Band Master: S. G. Chamberlain
Band Master (Last ten years): Edward J. Carney
Current members: 86

More info provided in the above photos.
Thanks to Mr. B. French for the submission.

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  1. Can’t believe I stumbled upon this! First of all, one of the majorettes, Judy Paddon (not Baddon) is my aunt. And the Bandmaster of the boys band Ed Carney was my grandma’s brother. Thanks for posting these, can’t wait to show them to my dad!!

  2. This is neet my whole family is in the picture my dad was Tom Bell boy thats a long time ago cant wait to show my mom.

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