Satin Highlight 1975

January 31, 2012

Band: The Satin Highlight
Year: 1975
Home: Chatham

Notes: The Satin Highlight, played their first gig new year’s eve 1969, and their last gig new year’s eve 1979.

left Michael Houle – guitar/vocols
front Murray Mallet – drums
rear Miller MacEwan – bass
right Waide Holland – organ/vocalist

The Satin Highlight were fortunate to have enjoyed popularity as a dance-band, covering southwestern Ontario for 10 years.  At their peak, they were booked every Friday and Saturday night for 2 years ahead.   What seemingly made their popularity was playing pop-rock cover songs (mostly played in lounge acts of the period) at dances.  Weekend dances at that time were as popular as going to movie shows. Generally, local dance-bands of the era either play Country or Big-band music.

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