Half Past Four 2008 CD

May 19, 2011

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Artist: Half Past Four
Release: Rabbit in the Vestibule CD
Date: Jan 2008
Home: Toronto
Genre: Rock & Pop
Formed: 2005

Chatham Connection: Drummer Art Pisanski played the drums & percussion for this release.

Kyree Vibrant – vocals
Constantin Necrasov – guitar
Igor Kurtzman – keyboards
Dmitry Lesov – bass

Tracks: 1. Missing Sevenths, 2. Johnny, 3. Poisoned Tune, .4 Southern Boogie, 5. Twelve Little Words, 6. Underwater, 7. Lullaby, 8. Strangest Dream, 9. Biel, 10. Dwayne, 11. Salome, 12. Bamboo, 13. Rabbit

Notes: Half Past Four offers exquisite musical novelty and experimentation to true musical connoisseurs and rock-party goers alike. Drawing its inspiration from unique heritage of King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull and many other progressive, kraut, art and math-rock bands, Half Past Four takes pride and pleasure in taking progressive rock a little further and planting its seeds in the harsh soil of contemporary popular culture.

Preview & buy the CD online here.
Visit their webpage here.

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