The Weekenders

August 21, 2010

The Weekenders

Band: The Weekenders
Year: 2006
Formed: 2001
Genre: ’50’s and ’60’s covers.
Home: Chatham, Wallaceburg

Tim Nishimura
– Bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Vercauteren – Guitar, vocals
Jeff Emerson – Lead Guitar, vocals
Matt Daudlin – Sax
Grayling Church – Drums, vocals

Scott Gallowayplayed keyboards for the band in the earlier years of the band.

Watch videos of the band in the comment box below.


  1. The band live.

  2. The band live

  3. Hey there Grailing. I must tell you about my expirience two Saturdays ago while you,s were playing at the Wildwood Campground. As you know I injured my back in 1991 and have not played since about February of that year.While talking to you I started to get some dreams about playing again.Thanks to you I felt simply wonderful that night and even tried to help with the sound and I joined in on a couple of songs using the cowbell. Not a complex instument but being part of the music gave me a rush I will never forget.I now have been bit again by the beauty of music and even wrote a song about a very personal expierence.Grailing I need your help with reaching out to other musicians so I can attain my goal. My e-mail address is keving90@hotmail.com Please take a little time out of your day to help an old friend okay?

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