Judy Paling My Wings CD

August 12, 2010

Artist: Judy Paling
CD Title: My Wings (For His Glory)
Year: 1995
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre:  Gospel

Judy Paling
Chuck FitzGerald
Steve Kubica

A Miracle And Nothing Less
02 Mary Did You Know
03 Joy
04 In The Name Of The Lord
05 Immanuel
06 Prince Of Peace
07 The Altar
08 Women Of Mystery
09 The Name Above All Names
10 Well Done My Child

Co- Produced by: Gary Barnett
Digitally recorded and mixed @ Baseline Studio, Chatham, Ontario, Canada



  1. Hi Judy, I’ve enjoyed your albums for many years now. I apologize for not writing you before this and thanking you . My family,mother,and I met yourself and your family on vacation to Cedar Point in 1999 at a motel in Sandusky,Ohio.I enjoyed talking with you and your husband while our kids swam together in the motel pool.Thank you for talking with my mother. She had just recently received the Lord and you were very inspiring to us both. Also, thank you for your nice letters.I praise the Lord for you and your faithful ministry to the Lord Jesus. Your Sister in Christ Jesus, Karen Osivnik

  2. Hi Judy

    I would like to know where to purchase your cd “For His Glory”. I am orginally from Chatham and purchased it there as a tape cassette. I enjoyed it and would like it as a cd. However, I now live in Stratford Ontario and would like to know where to purchase it.
    Sister in Christ
    Shannon Griffith

    • Reply from Judy
      HELLO SHANNON..how nice of you to check in.. MERRY CHRISTmas to you!! ‘MY WINGS FOR HIS GLORY’ is at GOSPEL TEXT on GRAND AVE..’SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE’ the last one..is also available there.. However if you would like Shannon Id be delighted to mail it to you…1 or both :O) just need your address. Shannon they r $15. Thank U for asking! BLessings !

      Editors Note: You can contact Judy directly by messaging her on facebook.

  3. Hi Judy ,
    Hope you and your family are enjoying many blessings .
    There is 2 purposes for my note ; first I would like to know how I can buy a CD copy of “My Wings For Your Glory ” My casette copy I bought back in 95 –96 ‘ just does’nt work any longer for some reason.
    In 96′ when our daughter Natalee was 3 years old she used to bring us much joy as she sang along with you singing Joy on our casette player….for many years she sang many of the songs from MY Wings and the Holy Spirit would be alive and well in her singing and dancing and smiling….I think you get the picture . We have 4 children and your music has brought so much happyness to our family since we obtained copies from you and your daughters after Mass in the Catholic Church in Rondeau Park….the summer of 1995 or 96’. ?
    Our daughter Natalee will be 20 years of age next month { same 3 year old that used to sing JOY } and will be getting married ,God willing in 2014 . I would like to get the lyrics of your song “Joy” and a copy of the CD so we can practice , rehearse and do what we have to do to be able to sing JOY at Natalee’s wedding….maybe during the speaches .
    Thank you for using God’s gifts He has blessed you with to share your music ,your love and especially your JOY !
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

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