Finding Core Reload in 2010

July 12, 2010

Band: Finding Core
Year: 2010
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent
Formed: 2000

Kenny Deuxberry
– Vocals
Eric Broadbent – Guitars & B Vox
J.Z Taine – Bass & B Vox
Paul Demars – Drums & B Vox

The band name ‘Finding Core’ has been around for ten years but the revolving door of members through the years has been tough on them. This year, the band arrives again with fresh blood and ideas with a new singer & drummer on board to join Eric and J.Z, the group’s longest running members. The group is looking to change its plan from a ‘family oriented’ status to a heavier hard rock approach this time around.
 After many set backs, they say they are ready and feel they are at their best ever.
The band is most noted for their media blitzes and mass self marketing across the internet. If they can combine that effort with some solid new music, they will be a band to keep an eye out for.
Unlike most local bands that do it as a hobby, Finding Core has big plans to pursue music beyond that. They continue to try to get label representation, a publishing deal, and secure global distribution.  They are also determined as a band to make a lifelong career out of the music that they create and play. Hopefully the hard work will someday pay off for Finding Core. Kenny and Paul are great guys to see in this band this year. Go check em out.

Visit them online here, here, or here.



  1. Finding Core – 2010 – Performing their new song ‘Runaway’, Live at Canada D’Eh

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