House Band 1974

July 8, 2010

Band: House Band
Year: 1974
Home: Chatham

Raymond Violot – Vocals and sax.
Jim Knettle – Bass
Steve Fowler – Guitar
Ron Baldwin – Drums.

Jack Austin had a long stint as the Blenheim Hotel house band, and when he moved on to something else, the spot was taken over by this band.
  The band ran from 1973 through 1975. They spent the summer of 1974 as the house band for the Tilt ‘N’ Hilton in Erieau and the summer of ’75 as the house band for the Blenheim Hotel.

An interesting note about Jim Knettle is that he received his A.R.C.T. in classical guitar in Toronto then moved to Hong Kong to join one of the most popular Chinese touring groups named ‘Chyna’.  He has recorded with them and is doing very well.

Watch video of Jim Knettle (circa 2010)  Video shot in Hong Kong with his neice.
Click here for video link.

  Ron Baldwin was the drummer for the Jack Austin Trio, but joined this band to carry on his position as the drummer for these shows.

Steve Fowler became an accomplished guitar player and teacher. Steve has played with some of the biggest names in the Canadian Music Industry over the years since his early start here, and is the man behind the “Old Autos Television” theme song (Circa 2009).  His retro tunes are also the driving force behind many “Old Autos Segments”. He has many other works published as a composer, producer, and co-writer.

The band was not given a ‘band name’ that anyone can recall. Simply four guys making music.

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  1. Below is video of Jim Knettle providing back-up for the duo “Breathless”… live at the “Commodore” in Toronto in 1988.
    Video works as of July 2010.

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