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Big Jazz Agency 2009

April 26, 2010

Group: Big Jazz Agency
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2009

Thomas Starks – Organ
Joe Edmonds – Sax
Pat Crone – Drums
Andy Tattersall – Guitar

Above band pic: Performing at Jazzbah, Chatham July 09.




April 25, 2010

Band: Retro
Year: 2003
Genre: Classic Rock Cover Band
Home: Chatham Ontario

Charlene Roy
– Vocals
Bill Jackson – Drums
Bob McIntyre – Guitar
Deb McIntyre – Guitar

Notes: Bill, Bob & Deb have been playing together for almost seven years. Charlene has operated her Dj’ing business (The Singing DJ) for many years.



The Undecided 1966

April 25, 2010

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Band: The Undecided
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Ontario
What: High School  Aged Band
Song selections: The Monkeys, Yard Birds etc.

, Paul, Rene and Glenn Cutforth.

Link & info found here.



Friends Band in Chatham

April 25, 2010

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Band: Friends
Year: 1975
Formed: 1974
Style:  Rock
Formed: Feb. 1974
Disbanded: 1977
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario

A few cover selections: Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Marvin G, and the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

House band for Wheels Red Barrell part of 1975, all of 1976, and part of 77.

Bob Wilson
– Bass
Tom Starks – Organist
Al Trudell – Lead guitar
Randy Coyle – Drums

 Friends is a very talented group who specialize in soft rock music and now perform full time as a night club act. The age of the members is 21-23.
  The guys were all in a band together before with two additional members along side them. The band plays to a full house and a dancing crowd and seem to be getting that respected reputation that they deserve.

  Bob Wilson (Bass player) went on to play with Troiano (1979) and later with Kim Mitchell (1984) .  For a 2010 update, Bob now performs back home in ‘Bluetonium’ with other top notch local players.
Raymond Violot was often called in to sub or add his talents to live performances.
  All members of the band have went on to several different groups over the coming years.

Watch Bob in the K. Mitchell video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.




Trogen 1978 Band

April 25, 2010

Band: Trogen 
Year: 1978
Home: Chatham Ontario

Jeff Parker
(Formerly of Free Ride)
Ted Masters
Wayne McDermid



Jack Austin Trio 1969

April 25, 2010

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Band: Jack Austin Trio
Year: 1969
Home: Chatham

Jack Austin
– Guitar
Bob Hunt – Drums
Jerry Vandeven – Bass

Popular cover band of the time.



The Cricketts band 1969

April 25, 2010

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Band: The Cricketts
Year: 1969
Formed: Circa 1966
Home: Chatham
Style: South American Rhythm to country music.

Skip Brook
(28) – 
Dave Andrusak (28) – Vocals, rhythm guitar
Bill Labadie (23) – Sax, bass guitar
Tony Meriano (21) – Drums

Notes: Bill is from Tilbury and just joined the band about 6 months ago.

About Tony: This was Tony’s first real paying gig as he was just starting out. Tony would go on to play for countless bands over the years including Vic and the Conchords, Maple Shade, Homegrown, and Southwest Blues Review.
  Tony was also a popular and important face for the music scene his entire life. Many knew him for his years at Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd, followed by his own music shop ‘Tony’s One Stop Music Shoppe’. He was also on many entertainment boards helping the city with its festivals and events. Tony passed away in 2010, but will be remembered as a leading supporter of local music and its history.  Almost every single individual listed within the ‘Chatham Music Archive’ knew Tony, or had met him.