The Country Playboys 1959

April 30, 2010

Band: The Country Playboys
Home: Chatham Ontario Area
Genre: Country Music
Formed: 1959
Disbanded: 1961

Victor Tetreault
– Vocals, Guitar
Albert Mays – Steel Guitar
Adam Takacs – Accordion
Glen Pickering – Slap Bass
Sammy Marionchuk – Fiddle
Bill Pawlak – Drums

Pre ‘Country Cowboys info:
1957 – 1958   
  A Singing Duo, consisting of Mr Maurice Cyr and Mr Victor Tetreault,
both singing guitarists, who would entertain at weddings and parties in the Dover and Chatham, Ontario area.

Info: Mr. Cyr moved back to Quebec, and Victor added a few more fellows to form
“The Country Playboys”.   Mr. Albert Mays of Blenheim on steel guitar, Mr. Adam Takacs
of Chatham on accordion, Mr. Glen Pickering of Blenheim,Ontario on slap bass, and Mr. Sammy
Marionchuk of Ridgetown,Ontario  on fiddle, Mr. Bill Pawlak of Chatham,Ontario on drums, along with Vic on guitar and vocals.

Anyone with pics or info, please email:


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