Sal Piamonte Band 2009

April 25, 2010

Artist: Sal Piamonte Band
Home: Ottawa
Release Title: Free Money
Genre: Rock
Date: 2009

In 2000-2003, Sal moved to Chatham, bought a house, & brought his former band, “Daisy Ella Mojo Crew” to live with him. He was brought here through his day job that was based in Chatham at the time. He recorded at Eyrespace Studios while he was in town, and the local rock station was featuring one of their singles, “Friends Don’t Come Around,” at the time. As it stands now, Sal would love to make it back to Chatham and perform with his new band. Maybe the upcoming tour may see a stop in Chatham. The new album is a top notch release from this band and is worth a listen for sure.

 Sal Piamonte’s music was featured in promos for Animal Planet (Discovery Channel)’s Tiger Week.
 In fact, Sal also happens to be a successful psychological profiler for a provincial police force by day, and local rock star by night. Over the course of the last 10 years he has tested, interviewed and counseled everyone from prisoners, to autistic children, patients with brain damage and even paranoid schizophrenics.

But music is his first real, true love. This lifelong affair with music and the guitar began at age 5 on a trip with his mother to Australia. “I remember pretending to play the guitar on this plastic little guitar they had bought for me. When we returned to Canada, I asked my mom to buy me a real guitar and she wasted no time putting me in lessons.”

One Night In Paradise
02. The Rogue
03. Who’s That Knockin’
04. 1000 Miles
05. Balance Of My Shame
06. Misery
07. Hard Luck Woman
08. Ain’t No Time
09. Free Money
10. Where Wild Horses Run
11. One Last Goodbye

Visit the band online here and here.

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  1. Sal Piamonte Band – Ain’t No Time – 2009

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