Jack Austin Trio 1969

April 25, 2010

Click to enlarge pic

Band: Jack Austin Trio
Year: 1969
Home: Chatham

Jack Austin
– Guitar
Bob Hunt – Drums
Jerry Vandeven – Bass

Popular cover band of the time.



  1. Hi
    Thanks for posting this! Jack is my Dad and is still actively playing music. This brings back lots of memories for all of us. He is still playing music and sounds as good if not better!

    Jack still rocks!

  2. OH MY GOD ! I didn’t know thee was a recording of my mom singing…PLEASE could someone call me and please could I get this coppied to a cd. My Mom is Marlene Foy !!!! I can’t believe this !!
    Kim ( Foy ) Ladd 519-351-196My hands are shaking !!!

    • I just realized it’s probably just a poster. Oh Well. Does anyone have a recording of my Mom or Dad ?
      Marlene and Ed Foy not usually in the same band.
      Dad was in the New Trend Trio, Chatham concert band and many more, mom sang with Robbie Robertson, and more, Thanks everyone.

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