Charlie Burgess 2010

April 21, 2010

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Name: Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.)
Year: 2010
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B
Home: Chatham Ontario

Note from his website:
On Oct of 08 I put out a free mixtape for people just to get my music out there n I was quite happy on how the public liked it…

In early 2009 James and I got back together again. It’s been a few years since we recorded together because we were doing our own things. The both of us have a strong passion when it comes to music and Playasville.

So in June of 2009 we put out the first ever mixtape from Playasville ENT. The name of the mixtape was entitled “Now and Forever”. We searched all over North American for artist that we fell would make this mixtape sound great. 18 great artists from all over North America were featured on this mixtape.

As of right now I’m currently in the studio working hard on my solo mixtape.

* Visit him online here or here. Watch their videos here.



  1. Thanks Dude.!! we appreciate it!
    Actual Video can be found here


  2. Charlie Burgess – 2010 – “Epic Assault” (Hip Hop)


  3. Charlie Burgess – 2010 – “Know It’s Me” (Hip Hop)

  4. New Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C) http://www.tvcogeco.com/chatham/gallery/step-up-to-mic/3850-charlie-burgess-aka-lc

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