Hero 1980 Band

April 20, 2010

Band: Hero
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1980
Style: Rock Jazz Band

Bob Wilson
– Bass
Paul Delong – Drums
Steve Fowler – Guitar
(Note: Bob and Steve are from Chatham)

  The band was just recently formed (1980) when Bob and Paul realized the band Troiano was about to come to an end due to musical differences.
  The group chose the name ‘Hero’ based on Steve Fowlers old high school dance band from when he was 16. That band only lasted three months, but the spirit lived on.
  At Age 26, Bob is a seasoned musician having played locally at age 18-19 with Friends and Quadrant.
In 1978, Bob joined Troiano, and later Kim Mitchell.

Steve (25) also played in Quadrant, and then went to Toronto to join up with ‘Warner Brothers’ recording artist Garnet Ford. Halfway through 1979, he also paired up with another great local guitarist (Tom Lockwood) to become Lockwood-Fowler Band.

  The band is completely instrumental and has no intentions of hiring a front man. The skill level of the members could blow away any rock band out there today.


Anyone with pics, please email us, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page with a return email address.

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