Greater Than Gatsby 2010

April 12, 2010

Band: Greater Than Gatsby
Genre: Rock
Style: Original music
Home: Chatham-Kent
Formed: Oct. 2009

Cody Woods
– Guitar
Mathew Dewael – Guitar
Matthew Veenstra – Vocals
Josh Scott – Drums
Matt Schepens – Bass

Note: The group is very young and still developing. They have written a pretty catchy track with “This song is for you (I Hate You)”.

Band Bio from their webpage
 Greater Than Gatsby was formed in Chatham Ontario Canada, October of 2009, from the remaining members of Last Fallen King (Matthew Veenstra – Vocals, Mathew Dewael – Guitar and Matt Schepens – Bass) who later added the additional members Cody Woods on guitar and Matt St. Pierre on drums. This band, merges high energy pop punk riffs and melodic melodies with technical metal styles and solos. After three months as a band, Matt St. Pierre decided that the band was not for him and parted ways. Shortly after this decision Josh Scott was added on drums.

Visit ‘Greater Than Gatsby’ online here.


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