True Blue Hoodoo

April 8, 2010

Band: True Blue Hoodoo
Genre: Blues
What: Blues Harp Extraordinaire
Home: Walpole Island / Chatham
Year: 2010

Darren Wrightman – vocals, blues harp
Bill Morrow– guitar
John Gardiner – bass guitar
Rick Chrysler – drums

Notes: True Blue Hoodoo is a mix of Native American Endurance, Irish Canadian ashes of old and the pathways of Southern culture. The bands music is steeped in blues tradition and standards. Heart pounding gritty harmonica and rock solid guitar, are what defines this bands sound. The rhythm section lays down the kind of grooves that crushes the stereo types that has plagued the blues for too long. If you love that old Chicago blues sound, we feel you’ll love True Blue Hoodoo.

Visit them online here.

* Here is an external video (You Tube) of the band performing. Link works as of April 2010.
Watch video here.

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