Bitter Blue 1977

February 19, 2010

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Band: Bitter Blue
Year: 1977
Home: Chatham/Toronto

Two of the founding members (Brothers John and Tom) are from Chatham, but moved to Toronto roughly four years ago to further their music careers.

Tom Hoy – Lead (Chatham)
Paul Fletcher – Vocals (Hamilton)
Brent Moss – Keyboards (Calgary)
Steven Combes – Drums (England)
John Hoy – Bass (Chatham)

The band is getting ready to release their first album and swing back into Chatham to play the Turf Room.

Anyone with info on their album, please post a comment below with a return email address. Thanks


  1. Hi I was the lead guitarist in Bitter Blue. It was really nice to see that our band is recorded somewhere. We never did record an album as the band broke up in 1977. It’s nice to see that Chatham has a archive to record it’s musical history. Have a great day. Tom Hoy.

    • I can remember the band playing in Grand Falls Newfoundland during the 70’s–doing things like Steely Dan, music from Jesus Christ Superstar, etc. Very impressive at the time.

      • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and remembering our group Bitter Blue Randy. That make you Awesome! Have a great day and all the best…..John Hoy.

  2. Hi Tom and John. I used to jam Beatles songs at your place in Chatham. What’s up these days? Paul Corby

  3. Hi Paul Long time no see. I remember seeing you at the Graham Bell in Brantford. John sure got a great surprise when you two met.

    I hope all is well. P.S. I’m still writing songs! Check me out at ” Tom Hoy On Taxi ”

    All the best.

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