Bob Lucier Steel Guitar 1966

February 12, 2010

Release: Hank Williams Songbook
Year: 1966
Home: Steel guitar player Bob Lucier is from Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe).
Country Music

Bob Lucier – steel guitar
Roy Penny – lead guitar
Mickey McGivern – rhythm guitar
Rickey Lamoureux – piano
Bill Gibbs – bass
Bunty Petrie – drums

Click video below to hear Bob performing a Hank Williams Classic.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Fred McKenna Album
A Hank Williams Songbook was released in 1966 and produced by Ben Weatherby.
McKenna mostly steers clear of copying Williams’ vocal mannerisms, singing these four numbers in a register somewhat deeper than Hank’s nasal yodel.

 Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.
Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show” from the mid 70’s until its demise.  The popular show aired on CBC in Canada.
 Bob was also the first steel guitarist with the famous Johnny Burke and Eastwind, before that, he played in Bill Anderson’s “Po’ Boys band”, Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires, among a few others. He performed and recorded on several of Country Star Anne Murray’s releases. As a session player, Bob’s steel  playing  appears on a countless number of releases by various artists over the years.

About Fred McKenna
Fred McKenna was a blind musician, producer and arranger best known for his frequent appearances on CBC’s Singalong Jubilee, where he would play the fiddle, mandolin and guitar on his lap, much as Jeff Healey would years later. A self-taught musician, McKenna also guested on Don Messer’s Jubilee, recorded with George Beck and the Maritime Playboys and Stompin’ Tom Connors (and produced Stompin’ Tom’s signature tune “The Hockey Song”), and was inducted into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall Of Fame before he died during a gig in Cambridge, New Brunswick.



  1. how would i get in touch with Mickey Mcgivern and Roy Penny,

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