That Whaling Band Release Jacks Gallery

February 11, 2010

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Band: That Waling Band
Release: Live – Jack’s Gallery
Year: 2008
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham

Ray Whaling – Guitar, Vocals
Andy Martin – Bass, B. Vox
Daryl Denault – Guitar, B. Vox, Percussion
Joel Laprise – Drums

01. Jeckyll Meets Hyde
02. Quarter Mile Straight
03. Lookin’ For A Girl
04. Black Ryder
05. Rock Me
06. Get back Tomorrow
07. Rainen
08. Wheelz Of Fire
09. Shine

Recorded at Eyre Space Studios by: Bob Hiltz & Ray Whaling
All songs written by Ray Whaling.

That Whaling Band record a new release’ live off the floor’ in the studio.
Visit them online here.


One comment

  1. THANKS GUYS for playing one of my old favs(plus sooo many more favs)by Robbin Trouwer>had a great time listening to All u guys!!I truely enjoy when u play some of ur tunes as well.PLease make sure U continue to include 2 or 3 of UR tunes EVERY TIME u play.do NOT deprive ur fans of that great pleasure..exposure,exposure,EXPOSURE.we, ur fans KNOW u guys can rock,,but WE need to KNOW U can rock to ur own greats as well.thanks for the EXCELLENT birthday tunes,,see u at Boomeranges soon again..ps did u know the old Dalas on London line is open again and they feature rock bands as well!!!may see u ALL there as well,,KEEP on ROCKIN!!MJ..

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