This End Up

January 15, 2010

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Band: This End Up
Home: Chatham-Kent
Style: Cover band
Year: 2009
Formed: Circa 1989

Mike – Vocals, bass
Carl – Guitar
Jeff – Drums

Note: This End Up has been together since 1989, with a few member changes over the years. Jeff (the original drummer) left the band for a few years but is now back with his buddies.
Mike would later form a spin off of this band known as “Toast & Jam”. They are an acoustic duo performing your favourite songs in pubs and beach area’s in Ontario & Nearby sunny american places. Good fun.
You can keep a look out for them at Jersey’s in Chatham.

Update:  ‘This End Up’ put on a reunion show on Sept. 4th 2015 @ at a Blenheim Golf & Country Club. Their very first gig was April 21, 1989, at the very same place.


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