Rough Edge Circa 1988

January 12, 2010

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Band: Rough Edge
Year Formed: 1988
Circa: 1988-1995
Home: Chatham

Members (L-R)
 Terry O’Hara – bass
Tom Robinson – guitar
Grayling Church – Drums
Pete Howlett (Church) – lead Vocals
Rick Balog – guitar

  Rough Edge played a mix of their own music, as well as cover songs. During the late 80’s, rock took on a life of it’s own with established visual media like MTV and Much Music. Bands again, became very visual and long hair with a touch of glam was perfectly in order and what was leading the scene at the time.
  The band played many venues in the circut, but were most often entertaining in Chatham, Wallaceburg, Sarnia and London. The rock scene was vibrant and Rough Edge was a good band that kept up with the feel good spirit of the time.


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