Front Page News Circa 1987

December 9, 2009

Click on photo to enlarge

Band: Front Page News
Year: 1987
Circa: 1984-1989
Home: Chatham-Kent
Live: Performs covers of Country and popular music.

Roland Lozon – Lead guitar, fiddle
Ernie Jenkins – Drums
Doug Colletti – Synthesizer guitar 
J.P. Marchand – Vocals, rhythm guitar
Brad James – Vocals, rhythm guitar
John MacTavish – Vocals, keyboards
Floyd Bobier – Vocals, bass

    The band is mainly the final incarnation of the Jubilaires II. They changed their name to ‘Front Page News’ to fit their change in musical direction and current song list. Roland Lozon retires in the coming years but has been through all phases of this groups roots including “The Jubilaires”, “The Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires”, “Jubilaires II”, and “Front Page News”.


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